Biography: Rheanne Scott

Rheanne has been a leader in the policing, justice, and security sector for the past 15 years, delivering a wide range of progressive and innovative projects in Canada, the UK, and Ireland. She has served as a civil servant for the Ontario Government (Solicitor General), followed by four years in the UK working for the Ministry of Justice (Youth Justice Board for England and Wales) focused on youth crime prevention, and with a Local Authority in Eastern England, where she managed a multi-agency community safety team comprised of municipal and policing officers. For nearly the past decade, Rheanne has worked with dozens of policing and justice organizations in Canada and abroad with KPMG and Deloitte as a management consultant.

One of the projects she is most proud of is working with a team of civil servants across the UK Government in 2017, reimagining how to better connect employers with those leaving prison for meaningful employment. This also included a ‘Brexit’ factor to consider the impact and opportunity on various sectors in the UK. The proposed new program was presented to the Prime Minister’s Private Secretary for Home Affairs at No. 10 Downing Street (as seen in Rheanne’s bio photo).

Rheanne has now ventured out on her own, starting Revival Advisory Services and was recently recognized as an Emerging Leader in Security and Defence by WiDS Canada in March 2020. She holds a Masters Degree in Criminology from the University of Leicester, and an Honours BA from the University of Toronto in Criminology and Sociology. She is a trained practitioner in restorative approaches.

Rheanne has a passion for travel, which was helped by being a two-time expat living and working in the UK. Over the past five years, she has shared her travel experiences in a popular Instagram account and website. You can follow along with her at on Instagram!