Biography: Norman E. Taylor

A widely recognized author, speaker and architect of change in Canadian policing and community safety, including both Saskatchewan’s and Ontario’s innovative and well-known approaches to CSWB, Norm Taylor brings unique experience and a well-informed perspective to his role as the Journal’s founding EIC. 

Taylor also brings a strong background in the adult education, public policy and research fields, through more than four decades in private practice as an executive advisor to senior government officials in multiple sectors and human service disciplines. He co-founded and has served for over 19 years as the Program Director of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Executive Global Studies Program, where he has led more than 240 police and criminal justice leaders through global research studies in a wide range of priority policy areas, conducted in 51 countries to date. From 2017-19, Norm served on the Expert Panel of the Council of Canadian Academies that produced a commissioned work entitled Toward Peace Harmony and Well-Being: Policing in Indigenous Communities. In 2019, he served as moderator for the Ontario Chief Coroner’s Expert Panel on Police Officer Deaths by Suicide, and as lead author of the panel’s report entitled Staying Visible, Staying Connected, For Life.  Norm is also a founding architect and former member of the CACP e-Crimes Cyber Council, an active member of the CACP International Policing Committee, and a frequent contributor to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) workshops and committees and the global Law Enforcement Public Health (LEPH) community.

Taylor received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award (2012) on nomination by the CACP for his prior two-decades of work in support of policing futures. He is also a recipient of the Saskatchewan Premier’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration: Innovation (2014), and he earned the Governor General of Canada’s Academic Gold Medal, as well as Athabasca University’s Excellence in Research Scholarship, upon completing his Masters degree, specializing in transformative adult education and life-long learning (2008).

In October 2018, Norm was awarded an Honorary Queen's Commission in the Ontario Provincial Police, presented by outgoing Commissioner Vince Hawkes and Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, for his dedication to public safety, inclusion, and the overall well-being of police officers.