Policing & CSWB in Canada: the next 50 years

  • Norman E. Taylor Editor-in-Chief, Journal of CSWB
Keywords: policing, community safety, social equity



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Norman E. Taylor, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of CSWB
In addition to serving as EIC of the Journal of CSWB, Norm provides advisory services to police services and governments across Canada and in the USA as the President of the Global Network for Community Safety (www.globalcommunitysafety.com) and as Principal Advisor at Net-L3.com (www.netL3.com).  He is Co-Founder and Program Director of the CACP Executive Global Studies Program (www.cacpglobal.ca). Norm has also served as a Senior Advisor to the Deputy Ministers responsible for CSWB in Saskatchewan and Ontario.  Norm is a member of the CACP, serving on the International Committee and the E-Crime Cybercrime Council, and is an associate member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.
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TaylorN. E. (2017). Policing & CSWB in Canada: the next 50 years. Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being, 2(3), 71-73. https://doi.org/10.35502/jcswb.58
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