What are we doing to protect newcomer youth in Canada, and help them succeed?

  • Brandi Chrismas University of Manitoba
  • Bob Chrismas University of Manitoba
Keywords: Immigration, refugee, substance abuse, acculturation, assimilation


Growing numbers of newcomers and refugees to Canada compel careful consideration to the risks they may be exposed to, including criminal involvement. This paper explores immigrant youths’ exposure in their adopted count

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Author Biography

Brandi Chrismas, University of Manitoba

I am a fourth year student in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba getting my undergraduate degree in Sociology.

The co-author is my dad, Dr.Bob Chrismas. Bob is a forward thinking public servant- with over 30 years of law enforcement experience. He is a life long learner with a solid footing in practical grassroots work, dedicated to community improvement, intent on continuing to make positive contributions to society through public service. He is a visionary leader, an innovator and a transformational change agent who understands how to improve outcomes through teamwork and collaboration.

Bob's doctoral research focused on social justice and protecting vulnerable victims through improved service delivery, reduced policy gaps, collaborative multi-agency, multi-disciplinary and collective impact partnerships; Bob's PhD research makes practical recommendations improving intervention and reduction/eradication of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Canada. His research and publishing concentrations have focused on justice for Indigenous peoples, policing justice and crime reduction, collaboration and peace-time peace-building.

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ChrismasB., & ChrismasB. (2017). What are we doing to protect newcomer youth in Canada, and help them succeed?. Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being, 2(3), 87-90. https://doi.org/10.35502/jcswb.52
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