Improving police transparency in Canada

  • Lance Valcour Ottawa Police Service (Retired), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Keywords: Accountability, privacy, stakeholder engagement, information management, strategic planning


The path to improved police transparency in Canada includes the use of advanced technology with capabilities such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, “cloud” enabled services, and an ever-increasing number of data collection and management tools. However, these innovations need to be closely linked with a national—not federal—stakeholder review of current legal, legislative, and privacy frameworks. This article provides readers with a high-level overview of the issue of police transparency in Canada. It then outlines a number of key challenges and opportunities for improving this transparency. It concludes with a call to action for key Canadian stakeholders to work collaboratively to improve police transparency in Canada.

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ValcourL. (2021). Improving police transparency in Canada. Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being, 6(2), 71-74.
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