Systemic Discrimination in Policing: Four Key Factors to Address

  • Rajnish Saini School of Graduate Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford, ON, Canada
Keywords: Police, racism, exclusion, diversity, occupational segregation


Canada’s demographic landscape is comprised of a breadth of cultures and religious beliefs, racialized groups, Indigenous persons, and genders and sexual orientations. In contrast, the demographic composition of many police services in Canada does not reflect the communities they serve. While efforts of police services across Canada to diversify have led to a proliferation of racial minorities, women, and Indigenous persons gaining employment within police organizations, serious obstacles of exclusion, racism, and discrimination remain. This paper will critically analyze four factors that accentuate and contribute to systemic discrimination in policing and provide recommendations to identify, mitigate, and address this issue.

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SainiR. (2021). Systemic Discrimination in Policing: Four Key Factors to Address. Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being, 6(1), 11-16.
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