Welcome Announcement from CSKA Board Chair, Deputy Minister Dale McFee


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance, I am excited to welcome you to this groundbreaking new Journal of Community Safety and Well Being. The Journal has been part of our original vision from the start. Our CSKA mission is to move research to practice to alignment across the full spectrum of human services. We regard the peer reviewed Journal of CSWB as a foundation for this, one through which we can all share in the creation and dissemination of reliable knowledge and emerging social science to support social innovation and institutional reforms. We envision the Journal will become a repository of best practices that will source real-time research and solutions to practitioners.

We look forward to assembling a Canadian and global community of contributing authors, and to engaging in a continuing and active dialogue with our readers from every sector that has a role to play in building safe and healthy communities.

Dale McFee
Chair, Community Safety Knowledge Alliance
Deputy Minister of Corrections and Policing, Ministry of Justice
Government of Saskatchewan