Call for Papers: A 'Wellness Check' for a Fragile CSWB System


Worldwide Colleagues in CSWB and LEPH:

One of the more common calls for service reported by police is what is often referred to as a “wellness check”, frequently initiated by a caring relative or concerned friend of a subject. Characteristically, such checks might reveal health or mental health conditions requiring urgent attention, but they also might reveal an empty fridge, inadequate housing conditions, isolation, and even persons living under threats and exploitation. Taking this as a metaphor, and as we enter 2022 with shared hopes of continuing recovery towards a new normal, our Journal intends to play a significant and active role in stimulating long overdue “wellness checks” for the sectors we serve, and for the professionals that animate them daily with equal parts compassion and endurance.

Coming out of the compounding conditions of 2020-2022 (hopefully soon), any such check-in on our CSWB professionals is bound to reveal any number of urgent needs, and it could set the stage for new paths to their restoration and recovery, re-invention of select services, new policies and practices wherever they may be needed, and to a more equitable and effective human service system going forward.

As such, we are issuing this special call-for-papers in hopes of receiving, reviewing, and featuring papers with an emphasis on this this general ‘Wellness Check’ theme across all CSWB sectors. We also invite your ideas and dialogue on how we can all learn from these times: how we can all learn to serve others better; and, how we can all ensure that those serving others know that we care, appreciate, and support them in all that they do. Accepted papers will be featured in our upcoming regular issues, along with our other diverse selections of published works.

Our article categories include Original Research (peer-reviewed), Reviews (peer-reviewed), Practice Guidelines (peer-reviewed)Social Innovation Narratives (peer-reviewed), Commentaries, Records of Proceedings, Editorials and unique Food-for-Afterthought perspectives. Our Editorial Sections span Trust, Strengths, Services and Justice. To learn more, view our Author Guidelines.

On behalf of the editorial team, I hope you will join us in contributing to this ‘Wellness Check’ theme, and we look forward to receiving your works.

Norman E. Taylor
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being