Celebrating 5 Years of the Journal of CSWB


2021 marks the 5th anniversary of the Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being.

Over the past 5 years, the Journal has established itself as a well-respected voice and leader of high-quality research and innovations characterized by meaningful collaborations across and among human service and criminal justice sectors. This reflects the hard work and dedication of the Editors, reviewers and of all those who have submitted articles to the Journal. The success is also a testament to the commitment of the Journal’s partners and mission supporters who continue to believe in its vision and mission.

To help mark this occasion, we are looking back at some of the Journal’s milestone achievements. We encourage you to join the celebration by following the Journal on Twitter and LinkedIn, as we highlight more journal achievements and interesting facts.

Thank you for your continuing interest in the Journal and we look forward to what the next 5 years will bring.

SG Publishing Inc.
Publisher, Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being


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