Welcome to our Mission Supporter Niche Technology


SG Publishing is pleased to announce that Niche Technology is now the proud sponsor of the Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being. Together with the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA), we look forward to furthering scholarly research to a broad global audience dedicated to community safety.

Journal Editor in Chief, Norman E. Taylor: “The support of such a progressive and caring organization as Niche, along with their express commitment to our editorial independence, opens new opportunities for knowledge generation and exchange, innovation in public policy and practice, and improved community safety and well-being outcomes, everywhere.” 

CSKA CEO Cal Corley: “We are thrilled to have Niche Technology join CSKA and SG Publishing as a key partner in growing the Journal. Recent events underscore the importance of the partnership. Broad-based calls for social change —among other things—are shaping new conversations and thinking about how community safety is organized and delivered. The Journal continues to be right in the thick of it!”

Adds CSKA Chair, Dale McFee, “We are very pleased that Niche—a highly-respected Canadian corporation supporting community safety in Canada—has joined the Journal partnership. Collectively, we will continue to grow our global readership and ensure the Journal remains a trusted source of important insight and knowledge in the emerging field of community safety and well-being.”

Learn more about the partnership with Niche Technology in the following contributions from our September 2020 issue:

Supporting research, innovation, and better outcomes for our communities
Chris Schneider, Chris Bushell

Welcoming our Mission Supporter
Norman E. Taylor