Biography: Marc Krupanski

Marc Krupanski

Marc Krupanski works and writes on policing & security, community health & safety, and organizing, power & democracy. He is especially interested in viable, community-based solutions to safety, health, and justice, and building broad-based partnerships to make them a reality.

Currently, Marc is a director of criminal justice (policing) at Arnold Ventures, where he leads strategy and implementation on fair and effective policing, with a focus on police accountability.

Previously, he worked for nine years with the Open Society Foundations' Public Health Program and Justice Initiative. He served as a senior program officer in the Public Health Program where he led a twelve country portfolio on the intersection of law enforcement, community safety, and public health. With the Justice Initiative, Marc served as a program officer where he worked with community and civil society organizations and police agencies on preventing racial and ethnic profiling and promoting fair and effective policing in Western Europe.

For several years, Marc worked on international security sector reform and governance with the Geneva-based DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance where he provided operational and policy research and good practice development for government and intergovernmental agencies. He also worked for a number of years in New York City on policing, community safety, and racial justice with both the Center for Constitutional Rights and with Communities United for Police Reform, where he developed landmark class-action litigation on racial profiling and stop-and-frisk, and supported the passage of the Community Safety Act. Marc has also conducted extensive community-based development and research projects related to security, health, and community empowerment, in southern Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, and indigenous and First Nation communities in North America.